Contemporary Craftsmanship and Renewed Traditions in the Oltrarno

We are so excited to be teaming up with The British Institute of Florence, Advancing Women Artists, and Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino for their series Oltrarno Gaze.

Join us on Thursday, April 15 at 6pm for a virtual tour of three contemporary artisan workshops in the Oltrarno: Officine Nora, Campucc10 and Frau Leman. We will hear from a new generation of artisans about how they are updating traditional workshop models to revive or reinvent their craft.

More about the artisans…

Officine Nora, an international co-working jewelry studio in Via dei Preti

Four resident jewelry artists develop their own work, and support each other by exchanging skills and techniques.  The recently renovated space tucked into a tiny side street just steps from Santo Spirito is a perfect example of the way a new generation of designers is revitalizing the historic artisan neighborhood. 

Campucc10, a co-working art and design studio in Via del Campuccio 

This shared studio space gives the sense of an old Florence workshop, with the resident artists work across diverse mediums, including jewelry design, sculpture, handmade paper and floral design 

Frau Leman, a leather artisan in Via della Chiesa

Stephanie Lehmann creates leather accessories in a compact, hidden studio near Santo Spirito. She moved to Florence from Germany to learn leather craftsmanship and decided to stay and start her business here.   

Join the event on Zoom:…/tZcrcOmupzkrE9IGS36VsMfwbvYw5…

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