Exceptional Visual Content to Reflect your Brand

In order to grow our creative businesses, we all know how important it is to consistently create new, engaging content for our social media channels. But let’s face it–we don’t always have the time, technical skills experience to bring those images to life in a way that effectively reflects our styles and brands.

For those of you who follow our Instagram account, you already know Olga Makarova‘s work through the series of stunning videos she produced to help us launch the CPiF App. We absolutely loved watching as she filmed each artisan at work and captured the unique details of each workshop, atelier and studio. The final results reflect not only her impeccable expertise, but also her true understanding of our vision and aims at CPiF.

To see more, check out the CPiF YouTube Channel

For this reason, we are so excited to share Olga’s fantastic new media content service. After years of experience creating breath-taking images and video of weddings, events and interiors, working with clients to get the perfect portrait, and collaborating with designers and artists, Olga is now offering a series of social media marketing packages for creatives.

There are three package sizes available, each of which includes new monthly photography and video content for you to use on your social media channels or to share as you choose. Olga will work closely with you to understand your vision so that the results are perfectly tailored to your brand. Having worked with Olga on many projects over the years, we can attest to her professional, fun, efficient approach and the reliable excellence of the results.

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