Over the centuries Florence has been an inspiration for authors and poets of all kinds, from all parts of the world and its no different today. CPiF has some very talented members who will help you get through these long days at home during our lockdown.

There is everything from historic novels set in Italy to autobiographies and love stories. We’ve also included some great storytelling blogs and even a bit of poetry.

Some of the reading is, of course, available online but for those that are not, The Paperback Exchange will be doing home deliveries to keep us all well-read.  You can find all the details about how that works at the bottom of this post.

If you like mystery, intrigue, and history, you will love reading C. De Melo’s books. I had the opportunity to read Sabina many years ago before it was officially published and I was hooked from the very first page. I was so happy to hear when it reached #1 on amazon’s Renaissance fiction category.

C. De Melo is an art historian from the US who has been living in Florence for the past 13 years. She has 13 published books, four of which are set in Italy and can be found at the Uffizi Gallery book store (when it re-opens of course) or for delivery from The Paperback Exchange. You can also see a full list of her works on her website

Lee Foust is a long time resident of Florence, originally from San Francisco California, his books combine, politics, love, and travel. They are everything you would expect from a curious author examining the world around him. For those who relish in bohemian and beatnik literature and savor works that explore, ponder, and, investigate Lee’s works will not disappoint.

Sojourner is a collection of poetry and short stories gathered around the theme of place. Poison and Antidote collects 9 interrelated tales of the San Francisco art and music underground of the 1980s. And Inbetween is a novel set in Florence, San Francisco, Paris, and Rome.

Lee also teaches literature and writing to a lucky bunch of American study abroad students in Florence.

You can order Lee’s books from your local independent bookstore, from the author himself, or directly from The Paperback Exchange.
Lisa Clifford is a Florence based writer, with three books to date on Italy and Tuscany. She is an honest woman, Lisa, as she describes in her best selling, emotional memoir, The Promise, what it’s like to carry on a geographically impossible romance between Sydney and Florence for eighteen years. Lisa’s recreation of her family’s 1917 murder within the poor, Tuscan farmer’s community in Death in the Mountains won her the Victorian Premier’s Award. Naples, A Way of Love snared the Australian Best Illustrated Book of the Year. If honest tales of life in Italy is what you love reading, then Lisa Clifford is your author.

All of her books are available through The Paperback Exchange, and she is 15,000 words away from finishing her next book which, is set to be published in 2021.

Lisa also co-runs The Art of Writing, a writers retreat in Tuscany with Matthew Ferrara and Jane Corry. The retreat is an opportunity to write, think, share and reconnect with your writing muse.’
Farah Liz Pallaro’s book Fashion, Business, Spirituality, A Call tot he Light Workers of the Fashion Industry is a book that offers a new perspective on the changing fashion industry and challenges conventional ways of how we navigate and the business as designers.

“This book speaks to the fashion industry, but this book is not about collections, trends, or seasons. The message of this book centers around the human aspect of the industry, the awareness of the self, and the spirituality and self-development that comes with it.

This book is about you, the designer and fashion worker in the midst of the fashion world—your passions, struggles, dreams, decisions, and actions. When you can design and work from a place of feeling centered within yourself, you will be a light to everyone around you. You will dress the world in light.”

After working in the fashion industry as both a designer and teacher herself she now uses her experience as a mentor and consultant using the philosophy laid out in her book.

Want to take this moment to go within and reflect? Now’s the perfect time to find the answers to those questions you’ve been asking yourself for way too long. Who am I, really? What do I truly want? What matters to me most? In life coach Sophie Charlotte’s book The YES  Woman Manifesto, you get to find the answers to your own questions through exercises, meditation and reading her personal story of how she’s overcome anxiety disorder by following her dream of moving to Italy – and has turned many other dreams into reality after that. This is the book that will finally get you the courage to say YES to you and your desires. Send a DM with your email address to @sophiecharlottecoach to receive a digital copy of the book.

There is also great reading to be found online as well. Ela Vasiescu is a storyteller who gets real. She writes from personal experience and believes that documenting stories is a privilege, a glimpse into humanity, an unforgettable experience. Currently finishing her memoir, you can read more about her projects and work here. 

Marisa Gareffa’s also speaks from a personal perspective, letting us into a world that is sometimes funny and other times traumatic. Her works are “poetic and critical reflections on life, trauma, recovery, soul, and healing; with art and performance as pathways back into embodied existence.”  Be sure to check out Love Letter to Italy, a piece written specifically about our current situation. Marisa is also the author of The Medici Dynasty Show. She does spoken word performance art and has run the Placehold Open Mic in Florence for four years now which, you are welcome to join. 

Federica Bembo’s blog –Aspettando una poesia is a beautiful collection of poems written in Italian. Romantic, reflective and metaphorical, it’s the perfect place to lose yourself for a little while. Grab a cup of tea and let your imagination run away with you. You can follow Federica on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all her news and updates.
During our current lockdown in Florence, The Paperback Exchange will deliver your order within the limits of the comune di Firenze

You can contact them via Facebook, Instagram or to order your books. 

There is also a Mystery Box option.  Choose the amount (€ 25/50/75/100) and you will receive a box full of books selected by the staff! 

As always, please be sure to share this post as much and as often as you can to help support the creative community here in Florence especially during this incredibly difficult time! Thank you!



By now it’s probably pretty safe to say that most of us are starting to go a little stir crazy. It’s day 7 of a nationwide lockdown against Covid-19 and we are doing our best to stay busy and stay creative during all this.

Some of our members have come up with great ways not only to stay creative but also of collaborating virtually. Here is a look at a few of our favorite projects currently happening around the city.


David is our favorite projection mapping artist and co-founder over at monogrid Digital Interactive Studio. We wish we were his neighbors because this is what they get to see projected out their windows and on the sides of their buildings. So cool right?

David says: Tonight during the quarantine I project some flowers and a bird to entertain my neighbors and keep the creative spirit up”

Thank you David! Even if we’re not neighbors we’re still loving these videos! 

Be sure to check  David’s instagram page for more of his magical projections.


Paul is an incredibly talented portrait artist who has started a video chat portrait series titled Digital Bocaccio as a reference to Bocaccio’s The Decameron. Written in (c.1351) during the black plague. The book contains stories of those quarantined in a villa just outside of Florence. 

Paul tells us: “I don’t do solitary well, so I revived this series of quick, decisive oil portraits of a community in seclusion.  They are painted live on video calling and have become quite a hit. They’ve become a social and financial buffer against covid 19.”

Paul will be on the Creative People in Florence Instagram takeover this week to show us more of his project so be sure to head on over for the latest updates. You can also see more of his work on his website and his own instagram

JONNY HUNTER is a documentary filmmaker who is heading a creative video project that has taken an original approach to collaboration. The idea is to get a group to record a description of their day in quarantine (what you do, what you can’t do, how you feel), accompanied by a 1-minute shot from a window (using a phone handheld is fine if you need to.) and, if you want, some shots of the inside space too.  He will then be editing and turning the footage into one film. We are very much looking forward to seeing the end results which we will be sure to share with you. If you would like to participate he is still accepting submission – email

In Jonny’s words: “The Coronavirus pandemic has been a major disruption to the life of Florence and the lives of people who live here. A lot of people are stuck at home, anxious about losing work or just bored on their own, and the city itself is eerily empty. There’s a lot of potential to record this incredible situation but also it’s a good opportunity for people to get involved in something creative when there might not be much else to do. We’ve been trying to gather a large group of people to document their life in quarantine – the view outside the window playing an increasingly meaningful role to people locked inside, their thoughts increasingly reflective in isolation – and then edit them into a patchwork film of Florentine-life-on-hold. We’re still gathering so it’s not yet clear what the final film will look like, but so far there’s been some amazingly interesting, personal and insightful inputs and we’re very happy with how it’s shaping up.”

Be sure to check out more of Jonny’s work on his website, Instagram, Vimeo.

Bookbinder HAIM SHUSHAN and graphic designer ITAY BLAISH  while not currently living in Florence did spend several years here and as we know Florence is always a part of us no matter where we go. The two are hosting an open call for illustrations, zines, and posters or whatever suits you. They have opened an Instagram account specifically for this project where all of the works will be shared.

In their words:  “This online zine is collecting reactions of artists, designers, poets and so on to create a sort of artistic discursive platform that is a memory of this special time we are living in. We are very happy to invite you to tag us or submit your ideas, design, creations, and thoughts”

You can submit your entry to 


We hope you enjoy these projects and that they bring you a bit of joy in these difficult days. Have you heard of any other projects that you think we should know about please be sure to get in touch!

And we hope you will share this post as much as possible, this will help our community so much more than you know! Thank you all for your continued support of CPiF 



Here at CPiF we have an amazing community of artists, designers, and creative people of all kinds! We want to share them with you and let the world know who they are.

From its inception, the main goal of Creative People in Florence has always been to promote collaboration and support independent contemporary artists, artisans, and designers in our historic city. In the midst of the current situation in Italy, now more than ever is the time to support small creative businesses. Below is a list of some of the best our city has to offer. Please be sure to follow their social media channels–it helps more than you know! Check back often as the list will continue to grow.

Cpif Collage one correct
  • Naomi Muirhead creates beautiful one of a kind jewelry in sterling silver using antique and vintage objects. 
  • Nokike is a fun, chic, colorful shop in the Oltrarno district of Florence. She creates unique pieces of jewelry and clothing.
  • Ink-P  – is a line of screen printed handmade unconventional clothes and wearable art pieces.
  • Frau Leman – gorgeous handmade artisanal leather accessories all crafted in her tiny bottega right off Piazza Santo Spirito.
  • Plasmare– Colorful illustrations, handbags and wallets made in eco-leather.
  • JHA Porcelain – Minimal, chic porcelain tableware and jewelry handcrafted in the hills of Fiesole overlooking Florence.
  • Jennifer Leo – Fun, colorful, contemporary cityscapes, Jen is a street artist who can often be found painting and selling her work in Piazza del Duomo.
  • Eva di Franco is a timeless wardrobe crafted in Florence using locally sourced high-quality materials.
collage 3 CPiF
  • Jane Harman  –  All things wood! Hand-carved, cut and crafted. Jane makes all kinds of wonderful wooden objects for your home as well as unique, colorful jewelry.
  • Tiziana Alemanni creates, designs, and sews each garment by hand in her beautiful atelier right off of Piazza Pitti. You can find everything from haute couture, to ready-to-wear, to wedding gowns.
  • Sara Amrhein Bold, colorful statement jewelry made in polymer clay. Specializing in one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces that combine sculpture with jewelry design.
  • A Thousand Joys Unique handcrafted jewelry, inspired by historic ornaments, made using traditional techniques
  • New Kid Footwear  Distinctly made in Tuscany, New Kid captures a naïve, yet a wild sense of the world through unique footwear, clothing, and accessories.
  • Eleolab Handmade silk flowers, created using traditional techniques & antique tools. Eleolab produces custom, wearable accessories that uphold the value of traditional, hand-crafted masterpieces.2

While your purchase is always appreciated, some designers don’t have online shops, but you can still help in other ways.
Follow their Instagram accounts and Facebook pages. Like, comment and share their content  The more you comment, the more their content gets noticed–and its also a lot of fun making new creative friends! You can also get in touch and ask about how you can order their designs directly.

  • Rubina Barbieri is an illustrator and graphic designer who makes all types of loveliness using her designs. From ceramic plates to t-shirts to gorgeous little paintings.
  • M K Textile Atelier A beautiful textile studio based in an old greenhouse, MK creates bespoke fabric products for the home and garden, made using natural fibers and pigments.
  • Campucc10 is a Co-sharing art studio and gallery space with jewelry, sculpture, illustration, engraving, and many other lovely things
  • Officine Nora is a contemporary co-working jewelry studio in the artistic neighborhood of Santo Spirito. Creating unique pieces made by 6 different artists.
  • Hello, Wonderful is a gorgeous, welcoming boutique in the historical center. Handcrafted garments made from sustainable fabrics. Each piece is designed, cut, and sewn on-site. 
  • Il Torchio A Florentine bookbindery between tradition and design. Just when you think you’ve seen it all in terms of books, you find something new and unexpected. Unique and interesting materials are combined to create the most unusual books in town.
  • Federica Narducci – Illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer, her content is fun and colorful and is sure to make you smile!
Fede 2

The heart of CPiF has alway been about collaboration and building community, so we are also listing some sites and blogs of some friends who are also doing an amazing job supporting and promoting our city.

Georgette over at Girl in Florence is not only our friend and one of the coolest people we know but she also (as you probably already know) has a pretty awesome blog about all things Florence.

Nardia Plumridge over at Lost in Florence has recently published her lovely book by the same title. It’s full of great tips and advice for visiting the artisans of our city.

CModo  – Christy has curated a wonderful selection of Made in Florence products for your home. Each piece unique and made right here in the workshops of Florence.

We are also incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of The Florentine over the years. They are a source of great information about the city and always do a great job of featuring the unique and hidden parts of Florence.

Coral Sisk over at Curious Appetite is so fun much to hang out with. She loves food and wine and she wants to share all of her knowledge with you. She organizes trips and tours in both Florence and San Fransisco.

Cassandra from Travel Italian Style is happiness personified. You can’t help but feel good when you’re with her. She creates personalized trips and tours throughout Italy and as an Italian American who traced her roots, she offers services to help you do the same.

bloggers collage

And of course, if you are not able to help through a direct purchase there are other ways you can help.

One is by sharing this post as much as possible throughout all of your social media channels. Another way is by following the social media channels of all the artists and designers above, like and comment on their posts as much as possible to help keep algorithms in their favor. You can also follow the Creative People in Florence Instagram page where a different artist from our community takes over our account each week to show us their work and give us a behind the scenes look at their process.

And finally, you can also make a small donation to our Association. This can be any amount that you feel comfortable with and all funds will be used to support our community and the contemporary arts in Florence. You can do that by becoming a patron on our newly created Patreon page or by clicking the PayPal button below.

Thank you all for your support and love of all things Florence and all things Italy! We hope to be back on our feet in no time, stronger and better than ever!


Please help support the creative community in Florence during coronavirus


Its Been a While, But We’re Back

We know that you’re all thinking that we’ve ghosted Creative People in Florence but we promise that we have done nothing of the kind.

As most of you already know CPiF is a cultural association co-founded by Sara Amrhein and Anna Rose both of us working artists here in Florence. In 2013 we started the group with the intention of meeting other artists living and working in the city. In the beginning it was all very casual, an aperitivo here and there to get to the creative community, a series of studio visits, and which grew into exciting collaborations that helped all of us grow our professional portfolios as we started off our artistic careers.

Over the years the group has grown larger and gone farther than we ever expected. Along with that, our own careers also grew in new ways that we most definitely welcomed, but that also required more of our attention. Even though we may not have updated the blog in a while, we have always been here working on projects for our community.

In the next few weeks, we will be announcing a big project that has been in development for a while. We have been hinting at for the past couple of months, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime however, we are facing a situation here in Italy that seems pretty surreal to all of us. It has taken over every thought in our minds, caused us to adjust our daily routines, and in many ways brought our city to a halt. While it may be forcing us to slow down for now, we can’t let it stop us or get in the way of our creativity.

We know that many people have had to cancel their trips to Italy this year and that the study abroad students have all been sent home. With this in mind, we are doing our best to find ways to support our local community. One resource that we can offer is an easy to use database with links to the online shops of our members. Shopping small and keeping our artisans going is a great way to support the city through this difficult time–and of course you will also get beautiful handmade products that are truly made in Florence.

In the next few days, we will be working on this new project and we will be doing our best to promote it and share it as much as we can. If you are not able to help through a direct purchase, there are other ways you can help:

-Sharing our Artisan and Designer Directory as much as possible throughout all of your social media channels.
-Follow the social media channels of all the artists and designers on our list, like and comment on their posts as much as possible to help keep algorithms in their favor. You can also follow the Creative People in Florence Instagram page where a different artist from our community takes over our account each week to show us their work and give us a behind the scenes look at their process.
-Finally, you can also make a small donation to our Association. This can be any amount that you feel comfortable with and all funds will be used to support our community and the contemporary arts in Florence. You can do that by becoming a patron on our newly created Patreon page or by clicking the PayPal button below.

Thank you for your support and love of all things Florence and Italy! We all hope to be back on our feet in no time, stronger and better than ever!

As soon as the page is ready we will be sure to share it with you here.


Please help support the creative community in Florence during coronavirus


Gallery Spotlight: Cartavetra

If you haven’t been following along with the activities at Cartavetra, now is a great time to start! Located in the heart of the the Oltrarno in via Maggio, this gallery space also hosts frequent workshops and artist talks, and –take note printmakers– they even have a press in the gallery space that you can sign up to use for a small fee.

The founding members’ passion for illustration and printmaking keeps Cartavetra buzzing with an active line-up of shows by local and international artists throughout the year. Be sure to stop by the opening of Momento Flettente by Pietro Desirò on Friday, March 9.

Working with various etching techniques, Desirò combines his masterful technical abilities with a “pleasantly capricious” line that is rich in meaning which, according to curator Luca Sposato, traces both a physical and temporal space, creating an almost musical continuum for the viewer. The artist amplifies this multisensory effect with several video installations throughout the space. Scroll down to read more about the work in Italian.

Pietro Desirò: Momento Flettente
Opening March 9 at 6:30pm
Via Maggio 64r



La libertà illustrativa nell’arte è sinonimo di conquista.

La crociata dell’Artista ab illo tempore per affermare la propria dignità intellettuale e autoriale offre tutt’ora margini di riflessione esemplari per chi si affaccia a questo mestiere, l’unico al mondo che non si può scegliere, e per rievocare il bisogno umano e viscerale di sognare. Affatto scontato.

Se consideriamo il mondo antico, il ruolo dell’arte era certamente più funzionale e legato ad una simbologia precisa, dalle forme canoniche e codificate da uno studio selettivo del mondo naturale: le licenze artistiche si intravedevano maggiormente negli apparati decorativi, comunque ancorati ad un sapere matematico. La grottesca liberò piccole voglie immaginifiche, ma marginali. Nel medioevo si ha il primo autentico guizzo di fantasia, dovendo, per volere ecclesiastico a scopo di monito, rappresentare il Male. Non esisteva una vera e propria iconografia a riguardo, per cui in numerosi casi fu l’artista a escogitare virtuosi stratagemmi formali.
Nacque, in sostanza, un microcosmo visivo che dava volto a storie e leggende riuscendo a rendere più plastico e meno lirico addirittura il lavoro dei letterati, contribuendo ad alimentare l’ingordo immaginario collettivo.
L’evoluzione del ruolo dell’artista e l’importanza crescente del suo universo fantastico ha portato innovazioni e deformazioni nel campo estetico, tramutando il gusto e il senso della bellezza in una miriade di relazioni sociali: è la storia del mondo.

Premeva offrire questo preludio storico-romanzato per introdurre il lavoro così genuino e ricco di Pietro Desirò, caricando l’eredità che raccolgono le giovani promesse artistiche. Fedele ad un percorso di studi impregnato di tecniche calcografiche, Desirò conduce la sua sfrenata fantasia verso un astrattismo lucido e meticoloso, abbondante di segni. Distaccandosi da una precedente ricerca anatomica e narrativa, sorge il bisogno di un formalismo più liquido e impalpabile, ma accuratamente legato alla linea, alla traccia, sinonimo di un percorso fisico e temporale che l’autore sta affrontando; già introducendo i primi passi nella mostra si assapora la padronanza del tratto e un continuum quasi musicale, una partitura circolare a servizio di una libertà espressiva gradevolmente capricciosa. Nel flettere il segno inciso in interventi sempre più dinamici e sperimentali, non si poteva eludere dal fascino della casualità, rappresentata dalle bruciature di acido sulla carta e dalle barbe grafiche, impossibili da controllare, donando un tocco cromatico ed innalzando la composizione ad un tono più elaborato e multisensoriale. Il mondo di Desirò, geometricamente fiabesco, mostra chiaramente un’intenzione plastica, scultorea, quasi vivente, slanciandosi dalla carta drasticamente e animandosi in maniera sensibile e concreta, data la presenza di allestimenti video, sulla scia delle soluzioni di Escher, non per caso abile calcografo.

La forma cubica riecheggia il senso rigoroso proprio di ogni incisore, nonché la modularità sviluppata dalla tecnica, con qualche piccola licenza ludica, ma in linea con l’intuizione materica che quest’arte suggerisce, senza scomodare tutta la cultura artistica a riguardo, da Mondrian a Malevic a Munari. Il ritmo incalzante e frenetico si prende, proseguendo, una giusta pausa, un «flashback» se si preferisce, nel mezzanino con il torchio calcografico, esibendo un lavoro datato ma significativo, uscente da quel mondo acquatico e surreale sviluppato da Desirò agli esordi, in odore di Lovecraft, piuttosto interessante nella sua metateatralità di rappresentare il processo di stampa, sintetizzando nel piccolo spazio pertinente tutta l’escalation della mostra. Finale doveroso, le forme elicoidali che sublimano il movimento della ruota del torchio, un moto più gentile e cadenzato nonostante l’asprezza delle forme, quasi ipnotico, la bellezza di medusa che ci pietrifica senza che ce ne accorgiamo.

Luca Sposato


Creative Aperitivo
La Cova Tapas Bar – Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti 19r (MAP)
22.2.2018 / 19:30-21.30
10 euros for a glass of wine and a selection of tasty tapas

Creative Aperitivo is back! New ideas, fresh projects? Come share yours and meet other creatives! All are welcome.

Creative Aperitivo è tornato! Nuove idee e progetti? Venite a condividerli con altri creativi. Siete benvenuti tutti!

Join the Facebook event here.


13076682_10154295597104994_7263569427014689111_nThe Creative Collective by Creative People in Florence is excited to announce Fleur, a very special Springtime celebration of all things floral. Come join us on Saturday May 7th for an afternoon of flowers, jewels, makeup and cupcakes, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Via di Mezzo 6r


Makeup artist Antonellina Ginger Gruppillo will demonstrate the latest Sping and Summer looks with 3 mini-tutorials to choose from. Learn how to make a big impact without a lot of makeup for those hot days or when you need to get ready fast. Antonellina will apply your makeup and explain the techniques at the same time making it easy for you to re-create the look at home on your own.
Tutorial options include:
-Mascara and colored eyeliner, learn how and when to use them
-Quick eye makeup using only eyeliner and eyeshadow
-Day to night makeup, how to apply a look that will take you from day to an evening out

Next, contemporary jewelry designer and flower and plant enthusiast Clara Nguyen will host a flower crown/flower arrangement workshop to show you how to make your own flower crowns or arrange a bouquet that you will then get to wear and keep with your beautiful new makeup.

You can also customize your own necklace with the help of jewelry artist Sara Amrhein. Choose which components you would like to add from an assortment of handmade clay flowers, beads, and colored chain. You can watch as they are put together for you or if you would like you can even try your hand and learn a few jewelry making techniques yourself.

And of course no celebration would be complete without (cup)cakes and champagne to celebrate all the amazing ladies out there.

Makeup tutorial that includes makeup application by professional makeup artist €20 each
Flower Crown/Flower arrangement €25
Customizable necklace €35 including gift package

You can choose individual participation or the full package for a discounted price of €75

Spotlight: John Skelcher


John Skelcher was born in Britain in 1968. He divides his time as a painter between working for exhibitions and giving group tuition. He studied at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and Staffordshire University.  John lives in the UK but is currently studying classic painting in the realist tradition at Angel Academy in Florence in Italy.

For five years, John held a studio with The Contemporary British Arts group in Deptford, London. He has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and his work is held in private collections in the U.S.A Italy and the UK.

john2John Skelcher nasce in Gran Bretagna nel 1968. Divide il suo tempo a fare il pittore e nel dare lezioni di gruppo. Ha studiato a Birmingham presso l’Istituto di Arte e Design e presso l’Università di Staffordshire. John vive nel Regno Unito, ma sta studiando pittura classica nella tradizione realista all’ Angel Academy di Firenze in Italia .

Per cinque anni, John ha tenuto uno studio artistico con il gruppo di arte contemporanea British Arts di Deptford, London. Ha partecipato a numerose mostre collettive e il suo lavoro si svolge nelle collezioni private in U.S.A., Italia e Regno Unito.

How would you describe your relationship with Florence?
I am currently studying in Florence at the Angel Academy. Florence is a fabulous city to live and study in! I can well understand why many artists, traditional and contemporary are drawn to it. Those that come and never leave, well that is perfectly understandable!


Which aspect of your work gives you the most satisfaction?
I feel most satisfaction when being in the zone of creativity. When I am in the landscape the world’s problems vanish!

How do you begin a project?
Can you tell us about how a project takes shape? I search the landscape for a beautiful scene. Then I try to capture that which drew me to it; a particular mood, light, etc. I tend to work from the background and gradually move forward to the foreground.


How important is collaboration with other artists and creative people? What do you look for in a potential creative collaborator?
I collaborate in two ways, teaching and exhibition. I instruct landscape painting at the Le Marche Retreat. Exhibiting with the Creative People in Florence has been an absolute pleasure! They have a broad range of artistic experience of working with all types of artists and creative practitioners!

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be?
If I could collaborate with anyone, then it would have to be with Michael John Angel! He is the Maestro at the Angel Academy and it is a desire to learn from his painting methods, that have drawn me to Florence!


You run a painting holidays and art workshops in Italy. Can you tell us more about that and how it began?
I moved to Italy from the U.K in 2005. After many years holding a studio at the Contemporary British Art Group, Deptford, I felt I needed a change. I wanted to get back to painting from life. The Italian landscape was my inspiration and has been ever since! I set up an art retreat in Le Marche. It is a residential center that offers courses in yoga, cooking and painting. If anyone is interested please feel free to visit the site.


Are there any other plans or projects coming up that you want to share with the group?
My plans at the moment are to complete my studies at the Angel Academy in Florence. I am also involved in the ‘Dignity through Art Project’ this summer in Florence, it is an exciting project which culminates in an exhibition of portraits of homeless peoples, which will be held at the Duomo Museum in the centre of Florence.

To learn more about John and his work, visit his website.

Come descriveresti il tuo rapporto con Firenze?
Attualmente sto studiando a Firenze presso l’Angel Academy. Firenze è una città favolosa per vivere e studiare! Posso ben capire il motivo per cui molti artisti tradizionali e contemporanei sono attirati da questa città. Capisco perfettamente quelli che vengono e ci restano.

Qual’è l’aspetto del tuo lavoro che ti dà più soddisfazione?
Sento più soddisfazione quando sono nella zona della creatività. Quando sono immerso nel paesaggio tutti i problemi del mondo svaniscono!

Come inizi un progetto? Raccontaci un po’ della nascita di un lavoro.
Prima di tutto cerco un paesaggio bellissimo. Poi cerco di catturare quello che mi ha attirato di esso: un particolare stato d’animo,  una luce ecc. Tendo a lavorare dallo sfondo e gradualmente vado avanti in primo piano.


Per te quant’è importante la collaborazione con altri creativi o artisti? Cosa cerchi in un potenziale collaboratore creativo?
Collaboro in due modi, sia attraverso l’insegnamento che con l’esposizione del mio lavoro. Insegno pittura al Le Marche Retreat. Esporre con Creative People in Florence è stato un piacere assoluto! Hanno una vasta gamma di esperienze artistiche grazie al loro lavoro con tutti i tipi di artisti e i professionisti creativi.

image2.jpgSe potessi collaborare con chiunque nel mondo, chi sceglieresti?
Se potessi collaborare con chiunque, sceglierei Michael John Angel. E’ il Maestro presso l’Angel Academy e il desiderio e’ di imparare dai suoi metodi di pittura, che mi hanno attirato a Firenze.

Gestisci delle vacanze di pittura e laboratori d’arte in Italia. Puoi dirci di più su questi e come è cominciato?
Mi sono trasferito in Italia dal U.K nel 2005. Dopo molti anni, in possesso di uno studio artistico al British Art Group contemporanea di Deptford, ho sentito il bisogno di un cambiamento. Volevo tornare alla pittura dal vero. Il paesaggio italiano è stata la mia ispirazione e tutto  è partito da allora. Ho creato un rifugio d’arte nelle Marche. Si tratta di un centro residenziale che offre corsi di yoga, cucina e pittura. Se qualcuno è interessato non esitate a visitare il sito.


Ci sono altri progetti o programmi per il futuro che vuoi condividere con il gruppo?
I miei progetti al momento sono di completare i miei studi presso l’Angel Academy a Firenze. Partecipo anche al progetto ‘Dignity through Art Project’ questa estate a Firenze, un progetto entusiasmante che culminerà in una mostra di ritratti di persone senza fissa dimora, presso il Museo del Duomo a Firenze.

Per sapere di più sul lavoro di John, visita il suo sito.



14.4.2016// starting at 7pm

It’s that time again!
Come and join us at Drogheria to meet other members and plan new projects. Please feel free to share and invite your friends!

Meet other creatives//Conoscere altri creativi.
Bring your ideas//Condividere delle idee.
Invite your creative friends//Invitare gli amici creativi.
All creatives are welcome//Sono benvenuti tutti i creativi!

See you there!

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1554611_800660219991912_4068413222700004694_nDrogheria is in Piazza Annogoni (zona Sant’Ambrogio).


November 21-22: Segnali d’Amore

Segnali d’Amore // Signs of Love

Cartelli Stradali Letti Con il Cuore // Street Signs Read With The Heart

Dorin Vasilescu - Respect

The Gabriele Borgogni Association, The Claudio Ciai Foundation and The Lorenzo Guarnieri Association join together to present an art exhibition, a charity auction featuring twelve original artworks which reinterpret street signs, and the launch of their official 2016 calendar.

CPiF is so proud to have so many members participating in this important event. We hope that you will come out to show your support for them and for this very worthy cause.

Event details:
Opening: November 21, 2015 at 6pm
On view November 22 from 9am – 6pm
Tepidarium del Roster (Giardino dell’Orticultura), Via Vittorio Emanuele 17, Florence.
Free entrance
Join the event on Facebook.

Three non-profit organizations based in Florence have come together for the project Segnali d’Amore/Signs of Love, an artistic initiative whose aim is to raise funds to support victims of traffic accidents and their families.  The project will be officially launched with a free aperitivo on Saturday, November 21 at 6pm at the Tepidarium del Roster (Giardino dell’Orticultura) in Florence. The event will also continue the following day from 9am to 6pm.  For the exhibition Segnali D’Amore, twelve Florence-based artists have been invited to create an original artwork reinterpreting street signage. These works will be exhibited at the event and included in the official 2016 calendar of the three organizations. During the opening event all art works as well as other specially designed items will be for sale in a charity auction. Watch the event trailer here:

The participating artists are ExitEnter, HOPNN, AXelart, Giò, Ni An, Jessica Russo Scherr, Sabrina Livi, Beatrice Mancini, Mono, Laura Thompson, Dorin Vasilescu, and an interactive installation by David Hartono.

This event marks the first time that these three organizations have collaborated on the same project. Their aim is to
-save lives, focusing on prevention by working with administrations and raising public awareness about the serious gravity of traffic accidents
-assist in the support and recovery of those facing  serious brain injury and/or permanent disabilities
-assist families of victims.

Exit Enter - Hope

Segnali D’Amore is made possible by the generous support of Regione Toscana, Calonaci (, il Gruppo Donatore di Sangue Taxi 4390 (, Hotel Astro Mediceo (, Tognoni Scarpe Firenze ( and the gallerist Susanna Orlando who will conduct the auction (

Press Contact:
Daniel Hernández Lyon
Marketing & Communication
Tel. 3341706524

For more information:
The Gabriele Borgogni Association:
The Claudio Ciai Foundation:
The Lorenzo Guarnieri Association:

Segnali d’Amore // Signs of Love

Cartelli Stradali Letti Con il Cuore // Street Signs Read With The Heart

Laura Thompson - Do Not Enter, Read the Signs


L’Associazione Gabriele Borgogni, la Fondazione Claudio Ciai e l’Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri
Insieme per una mostra e super asta di beneficenza di 12 opere originali reinterpretando la segnaletica stradale; il lancio del calendario ufficiale 2016; ed altro ancora.

21-­22 Novembre al Tepidarium del Roster (Giardino dell’Orticultura), Via Vittorio Emanuele 17 Firenze
Apertura: 21 Novembre, 18.00
La mostra prosegue il 22 November dalle 9 alle 18.
Ingresso Gratuito
Evento Facebook

Tre associazione onlus Fiorentine hanno lavorato insieme per creare il progetto “Segnali d’Amore,”
un’iniziativa artistica finalizzata alla raccolta fondi per il sostegno alle vittime della strada e le loro famiglie. Il progetto avrà un lancio ufficiale con aperitivo gratuito il Sabato, 21 Novembre alle ore 18.00 al Tepidarium Del Roster (Giardino dell’Orticultura) Firenze e continuerà il giorno seguente, 22 Novembre dalle 9.00 alle 18.00. Il progetto “Segnali d’Amore” consiste nella reinterpretazione della segnaletica stradale da parte di 12 artisti. Queste opere saranno esposte in una mostra e raccolte nel calendario ufficiale 2016 delle tre organizzazioni. Durante l’evento di apertura ci sarà l’opportunità di acquistare le opere originali tramite un super asta di beneficenza ed anche bellissimi gadgets creati per questo nobile progetto. Il trailer dell’evento si può trovaresu questo

Gli artisti di Firenze partecipanti sono:
ExitEnter, HOPNN, AXelart, Giò, Ni An, Jessica Russo Scherr, Sabrina Livi, Beatrice Mancini, Mono, Laura Thompson, Dorin Vasilescu e un’installazione interattiva di David Hartono.

E’ la prima volta che le tre organizzazioni collaborano insieme allo stesso progetto. I nonprofit in questione si prefiggono di

• salvare delle vite umane, favorendo un’attività di prevenzione attraverso il coinvolgimento delle amministrazioni e dell’opinione pubblica sul dramma della violenza stradale;
• coadiuvare il sostentamento e il recupero di persone che hanno riportato gravi lesioni cerebrali e/o
disabilità permanenti;
• fornire assistenza anche ai familiari delle vittime.
Segnali D’Amore è stato possibile con il generoso contributo di Regione Toscana, Calonaci (, il Gruppo Donatore di Sangue Taxi 4390 (, Hotel Astro Mediceo (, Tognoni Scarpe Firenze ( la gallerista Susanna Orlando che condurrà l’asta (

HOPPN - Divieto d'Accesso... Sauf VélosCONTATTO GIORNALISTI:
Daniel Hernández Lyon
Consulente Comunicazione &Marketing
Tel. 3341706524

L’Associazione Gabriele Borgogni
La Fondazione Claudio Ciai
L’Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri

Segnali D'Amore