NAVIGATING the New Normal – IT’s ok to make money right now

Money is a necessity for all of us, and we still need to find ways of earning it despite the current situation. This week in our “New Normal” series, life coach Sophie Charlotte addresses some of the uncomfortable questions you might have about be having about money right now, namely, is it OK to be making it?

Here’s what Sophie had to say:

As the pandemic rolls on and we adapt to the ever-changing “new normal”, trying to keep ourselves healthy, and managing the day-to-day realities, we know that the financial situation is competing for space in all of our minds.

As we are all aware, many businesses have closed and many people have lost their jobs. This is a serious situation and the full range of consequences is yet to be discovered. 

At the same time however, there are those who can and are still making money. For example, there are people with successful online businesses, small companies producing items that are now considered necessities, or local restaurants that have embraced clever delivery and take away concepts. There are people who are thriving in these unusual times and those people can – and want to – be your clients.

I know that there is a tendency to feel guilty about making money now because so many are not. Or to feel it is out of place to charge for your goods and services because so many are suffering. Or to feel like shutting down altogether because “no one feels like buying anyway.”

I’m here to offer you a different perspective: 

Believe it or not, there are so many people out there who are looking for a way to ease both their own and the collective suffering by spending their money. They are looking for ways to feel uplifted, soothed and filled with joy in these difficult times.

With today’s online platforms, worldwide shipping and money transfer options, selling your work or services online is as accessible as ever. With the extra time on your hands you can invent a myriad of ways to present your art to the world and have people enjoy it.

You’re not bad for selling; you’re actually serving.

I myself recently invested in a beautiful pair of handmade earrings. I wear them to lift my mood, I’ll wear them in the photoshoot for my new program I’m working on with a photographer from whom I recently bought photo art as well.

I also bought a dance workout app, I invested in online courses on subjects that interest me. Why am I sharing this? Because if I am buying, so are others.

Instead of slipping into the idea that “no one’s buying now,” we must think of ways to serve our clients and offer solutions to their needs. The key is asking ourselves what our audience wants and then connect them with what serves them–you will see that you may make sales in ways you never expected.

What are people looking for right now? Beauty, inspiration, entertainment, growth, community, learning.

Maybe you can offer an online course on how to draw empty streets, offer an online class on the Renaissance if you’re a tour guide, or allow people to watch your art-making process in a live video and then offer the final product, clearly stating the price. You can package your products and sell the bunch at a special offer, make copies of your best paintings and sell them as posters, teach the tricks of your trade in a self-study course; you name it.

There are SO many things you can be doing right now that can and will generate money. You’ve just got to focus on what IS possible and believe that people are exactly looking for what you are creating.

Thank you, Sara and Anna, for allowing me to share here. It means more to me than words can express.

If you need help in getting into this abundance mindset to find ways to offer your goods or services in an aligned way and make money as a female entrepreneur (sorry, only work with women!), then please check out my program The Naturally Abundant Queen and get ready for a transformation of both yourself and your business.

Sophie Charlotte is a Tuscany based life coach and author of the book The YES Woman Manifesto. She works with highly sensitive female entrepreneurs who desire to create financial freedom doing what they love. She loves nature, dogs, good food and wine and feels it’s her mission to create as much alignment in the world as possible helping her clients live in accordance with their true selves.

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