Fashion Revolution Fair at Lottozero

Fashion Revolution Fair
Saturday April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd, 2018
Hours: 10-19
Lottozero / textile laboratories, Via Arno 10, Prato

This weekend, head out to Prato to take part in Fashion Revolution. For the second year in a row, Lottozero has gathered a group of top local designers and fabric stockists for a weekend to share their work and craft with the public. The Lottozero team explains their aim saying, “The goal of the project is to reconnect the public with production, with the value of work, with handmade unique pieces, and with quality textile production and tailoring.” Visitors can come browse, watch the designers, tailors, and dressmakers at work, or even commission a bespoke piece. By offering firsthand contact with the designers and their materials and craftsmanship, Lottozero draws attention to the question at the heart of Fashion Revolution, “Who made my clothes?”, pushing us as consumers to think differently about the way we shop.

There are a few familiar faces among the designers this year (shout out to friends of CPiF Eva di Franco and Yojiro Kake!) as well as some others we can’t wait to meet including Paolo Di Landro, Jimi Roos and Pilvi Kids.

We’re also looking forward to browsing fabrics from this year’s featured stockists, Aviem Tessuti, Tex Ingro, and Textus.

Throughout the weekend there will be special events including an expert round table discussion, the launch of the second edition of Loom Est, a Prato based trend magazine (Saturday 21st April, evening), and a special edition of Caffè-Scienza Tessile, by the association Caffè-Scienza Prato-Firenze Centro per lo Studio di Dinamiche Complesse of the l‘Università of Firenze (Sunday April 22nd afternoon).


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