Merry & Bright Designer Spotlight: New Kid

For this series of Spotlight Interviews we’ll be checking in with the artisans and designers who will be taking part in our Merry & Bright pop-up shop at Palazzo San Niccolò on December 9-10!

Rachel Beagley and Letizia Ciappi of New Kid to tell us about their 100% Made in Tuscany shoes, clothing and accessories–plus they share a collaboration idea that we know some of you will want to get involved in!

How would you describe yourselves?
We are a couple of enthusiastic ladies who want to make quality products with care that are unique and fun.

What makes Florence the right place for your brand?
We couldn’t really make our shoes anywhere else it has taken many years to find all the artisans we currently work with, they are all small family businesses and are willing to work in our crazy way. Firenze has the good fortune of being small with loyal and dedicated locals, but also a large amount of visitors, perfect for a small business.

At CPiF we celebrate collaboration between creatives. Are you working on any collaborative projects at the moment, or are you looking for people to work with in the future?
We have collaborated with a few designers and artists to come up with our tourist tee collections, currently featuring Italia and Turkey. This is our spin on trashy tourist tees. It would be fun to collaborate more locally on a shoot, get a lot of different local creatives involved, do something weird.

Who are your favorite local designers and/or artisans that everyone should know about?
Officine Nora. These guys are always coming up with some fresh and interesting ideas and Jane Harman of Wood&cut has some serious skills, also Andrea Giunti has some pretty unusual ideas about jewelry.

Any holiday gift you’re particularly pining after this year?
Socks!! The perfect gift!

Get in touch with New Kid to learn more, and stop by to say hi on December 9 and 10!

instagram: newkidfootwear
facebook: @NewKidNK
twitter: @newkidfootwear

Merry and Bright: Pop-up Market, Workshops and Holiday Cheer!
December 9-10
Palazzo San Niccolò: Via San Niccolò 79
Find out more!

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