Merry & Bright Designer Spotlight : Jane H. Creations

For this series of Spotlight Interviews we’ll be checking in with the artisans and designers who will be taking part in our Merry & Bright pop-up shop at Palazzo San Niccolò on December 9-10!

Today Jane Harman of Jane H. Creations gives us a closer look at her hand-made wooden design objects and gives us some tips on local artisans and designers to keep an eye on.

Three adjectives (or more) to describe your brand:
Out of the ordinary, varied, wooden, unexpected.

What makes Florence the right place for your brand?
As well as being the ‘cradle’ of the renaissance, Florence has also always been the centre of Italian artigianato. Today fortunately the city is beginning to accept contemporary work made by a number of artists and designers many of whom have had the fortune of learning their trade in a Florentine bottega.

At CPiF we celebrate collaboration between creatives. Are you working on any collaborative projects at the moment, or are you looking for people to work with in the future?
I have ongoing collaborations with Sisters in Wool, Legatoria il Torchio, Wood&cut and always open to new opportunities and suggestions. I would love to collaborate with a silversmith/jeweller or ceramicist maybe.

Who are your favorite local designers and/or artisans that everyone should know about?
There are lots. I would love to see more though working with wood and ceramics in particular. I feel a bit alone in what I’m doing. Ah yes, I love the poetry of Tika Taka’s work (@artikitaka). I also have a soft spot for the work of both Martina Loncar and Margherita de Martino Norante.

Any holiday gift you’re particularly pining after this year?
One of Tika Taka’s amazing dancers maybe! Or one of Martina Loncar’s lovely cement pins!

To see more from Jane H. Creations to stop by Merry and Bright December 9 and 10! //@jane.h.restoration

Merry and Bright: Pop-up Market, Workshops and Holiday Cheer!
December 9-10
Palazzo San Niccolò: Via San Niccolò 79
Find out more!

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