CPiF Spring Workshop Series

Creative People in Florence is happy to announce the Spring Workshop Series hosted by The Creative Collective. The workshops are run by selected CPiF members and cover a wide variety of creative techniques and skills. Check out our workshop calendar below (updated monthly), and scroll down to check out our instructor bios and workshop descriptions. To sign up for a workshop email us at creativepeopleinflorence@gmail.com. All workshops take place at The Creative Collective in Via di Mezzo 6r.

CPiF Events and Workshops: May 2016

Sara Amrhein: Introduction to polymer clay


Sara is a contemporary jewelry artist from the United States and a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles California. A long-time resident of Florence, Sara works from her studio/store in Via di Mezzo where she makes her jewelry from polymer clay. In addition to her experience as a jewelry artist, Sara is also the co-founder of Creative People in Florence. See more here.

February 27 //11-17:00 // 50€ 
Introduction to Polymer Clay
An introductory lesson into the versatility and various uses of polymer clay. Learn how to condition, blend, texture, and create patterns through various techniques. Firing methods and finishing techniques will also be taught. You will create a work of your choosing and learn all steps necessary for its completion.  All materials are included. There will also be a break for lunch.

Mike Strunin: Business analysis and web development

Originally from Russia, Mike has been living in the greater Florence area for three years working in web development and textiles. Mike is an experienced front-end developer and designer, as well as a project manager.  His small business French Lace sells artisan lace all over the world.

March 2 // 7-9pm // free
INFO SESSION: Business Analysis and Web Development. Mike will present an overview of workshop topics designed for working artists and designers. Over the course of the information session he will outline areas in which he can help you develop your business and online presence. These topics will be covered futher in following workshops or one-on-one sessions, based on what individual participants feel would be most beneficial. This meeting is FREE and open to all.

Clara Nguyen: Terrariums, flower crowns, and bouquets

Clara is the owner of Cavale Studio, a jewelry line based in Chicago. She is a contemporary jewelry design student by day, a flower and plant enthusiast by midday, a voracious food blog reader by late afternoon, and a budding competitive trip booker by night. She loves to learn from others and share the knowledge that she has gained along the way.

March 10 // 7-9pm // 45€ 
Terrarium Building
This two hour workshop will open your eyes to the delightful world of terrariums. Participants will be guided in designing and building their own terrariums with a variety of materials.  Clara will offer design tips and teach participants to properly care for their terrariums to keep them happy and thriving for the future.  Please come prepared to get your hands dirty! All materials are included.

May 7 // Flower Crowns // pricing and time info coming soon
Have you ever wanted the chance to let out your inner flower child? Now is your chance! Come join Clara Nguyen for an hands-on lesson in different blooms, the greens, and the process behind making your own dreamy flower crown. All materials included.

Flower Bouquets // pricing and time info coming soon
Learn to make a gorgeous bouquet using Clara’s a simple but effective handheld technique. This technique allows you to make a more natural looking bouquet. You will learn the difference between the the kinds of flowers, greens, and tools. All materials included.

Olga Litvinova: Basic Sketching for Product Design 

Recent picture for my theatre cvOriginally from Moscow, Olga has a degree in Industrial Design (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), a masters degree in Interior Design (Florence), and since 2004 she has taught Industrial Design, Rhinoceros 3D, Manufacturing, Modelmaking and Furniture Design, and is currently an instructor at Florence Design Academy. She also collaborates with several design studios in Florence and Turin. For more information about Olga and her work, click here.

March 23 // 6-9pm // 30€

Level 1: Basic Sketching for Product Design.
The workshop will include an introduction to Olga’s works and a demonstration of 1, 2 and 3 point perspective. Students will learn the basics of:
-Geometrical analysis of an object and orthographics (squares, circles, rectangles, etc)
-2 point perspective based on geometry (cubes, prisms, spheres, etc)
-Basic 3d objects in space
-Sketching of a simple real object (ex. chair) in 2 point perspective
-Sketching of an imaginary object
Materials not included. Please bring an A3 sketchbook, pencils (H, HB, 2B), eraser, and a ruler.

Livia Quaresmini: Envelope clutch, T-shirt embellishing, Audrey Hepburn-inspired hat

Livia QuaresminiLivia studied fashion at the Machina Lonati Fashion and Design Institute and is currently a professor of various fashion disciplines at Florence’s Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici.  In addition, Livia is the co-founder of Fashionismas, and she also writes a fascinating blog on the fashion and costume history called A Fashion History.All workshops are designed by Il laboratorio del Made in Italy.

March 30 // 6-9 pm // 60€ (sewing kit included)
Couture T-Shirt

A t-shirt is not a just a simple garment. It’s a symbol of youth and freedom. T-shirts are white canvases where you can express your own creativity. This workshop will provide you with the skills to customize your plain t-shirt and making it a couture garment. Pull out a white t-shirt and all of those little things you’ve carefully hidden away in your drawers: buttons, pins, fabrics scraps, trim, lace, tulle, sequins, pearls. Whatever you want!

No experience necessary.

June 1// Envelope bag // details coming soon
During this workshop you will sew your own custom envelope bag. Starting from a pattern, you will learn how to cut fabrics and sew the bag together. You will then learn to apply embellishments to make it the most unique bag in your closet! No sewing skills needed.
Materials: Please bring old fabrics or old garments to use to cut the shape of the bag, buttons, sequins, pearls, or rhinestones to decorate your bag.

May 19 // Audrey Hepburn-inspired hat // details coming soon

Alexandra Wong: Contemporary watercolor techniques

11988287_10205346083913981_7493519172313456835_nAlexandra Wong is a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Following her studies in fine art, she worked as an artist in San Fransisco and is now located in Florence, Italy. Alexandra is an intern for Sara Amrhein and Creative People in Florence.

April 13 // Contemporary Watercolor Techniques: details coming soon


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