Romeing Arrives in Florence

We always take note when one of our CPiF App designers gets some much deserved praise in the press, so when we saw leather artisan Frau Leman pop up in an article in the online lifestyle and events magazine Romeing Firenze, we were thrilled–not only by the fabulous tips on shopping for locally made leather accessories (read that article here), but also because we learned that Romeing, the long-time go-to source for insider tips on Rome, had landed here in Florence. 

Founded by Antonio Amendola nearly 10 years ago, Romeing has established itself as the top English-language magazine for all things Rome, from events, arts, dining and lifestyle. Making the most of the rocky road that we’ve all been on since early 2020, Romeing seized the opportunity to reach a new local audience and become a source of news about current events and health and safety regulations, in both English and Italian. At the same time, they launched a brand new online magazine focused on Florence, aptly called Romeing Firenze

The latest print issue of Romeing

We were lucky enough to chat with founder Antonio Amendola and editorial director Federica Bocco about their plans for Romeing Firenze, how they are looking forward towards the future, and of course to ask them about some of their favorite local spots in Florence. 

How is Romeing Firenze different from other online magazines and blogs about Florence? 

Romeing is the guide to a different Florence. We don’t just cover art and history and culture of times gone by, we want to tell the story of today’s Florence and its inhabitants with their creativity and businesses. There are thousands of websites and blogs that talk about museums and must-sees, but how many are promoting local Florentine artists? We want to support Florence in its entirety, the past and present (and future) of the city.

How did you approach building Romeing Firenze and creating content in this past year? What changes did you have to make to your research and collaboration formats? 

The past year has certainly not been easy, with the various lockdowns and restrictions in place due to COVID-19. It doesn’t help that the regulations kept changing and many things in the city had to be canceled or postponed, like in the rest of Italy and the world. We played it by ear, made plans that we know could change at any moment, and learned how to quickly reassess and re-adapt. Flexibility has been a skill that we’ve all had to hone. We chose to focus on telling the stories of Florence’s small creators and entrepreneurs rather than events.

Useful tips for enjoying Florence

How did you and your team face the uncertainty of the past year? 

We knew that we had to keep going and be ready for when things opened up again. This was our best chance at really helping the city start strong. Stopping was never an option. 

We know that you have a team of local writers and reporters here in Florence to ensure a true insider perspective. What kind of stories and features are seeking? 

Any story is worth telling! Anything can be interesting to an inquiring mind. Not every tourist will be searching for all types of content; some are just looking for the mainstream things to do, so we also offer that information and make sure it’s always up-to-date, but still through an insider’s perspective and inviting our readers to rethink their plans. Our mission is to propose unique experiences, to show hidden gems, the secrets that even local guides won’t tell you about because they think they’re not worth mentioning. But they are. Can you really say you’ve visited a city if you haven’t interacted with the locals? Along with the various guides to monuments and museums and restaurants, we invite our audience to check out the local markets, the vintage shops, and the artists’ botteghe. Those things are as much a part of Florence’s vibrancy as the Loggia dei Lanzi.

Check out their growing list of experiences in Florence

What place or experience in Florence would you recommend to both locals and visitors that they might not discover on their own? 

-The wisteria Garden at Villa Bardini AND the Bardini museum as an off the beaten track museum in Florence

-Everyone goes to see David at the Accademia but they shouldn’t miss one of his last works: the unfinished Pietà in the Opera del Duomo Museum

-the monk’s cells at San Marco painted by Fra Angelico for a meditative experience

-the Brancacci Chapel frescoes

Anything else we should know about you or Romeing Firenze? 

Romeing Florence is a young project. After 11 years of being the leading magazine on social and cultural events in Rome for expats and tourists looking to explore a different side of the Eternal City (or the mainstream side, but in a smart way!), we decided to broaden our horizons and expand to Florence. Tuscany has so much to offer, and we wanted to start giving it the spotlight it deserves!

Food, events, shopping and much more

If you want to know more about Romeing, find out how to propose a story, or learn more about offering an experience on their platform, get in touch with them here.

Look out for a very special CPiF Instagram Takeover coming up on May 24. The Romeing team will show us around some of the key creative spots in Rome!

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