TGiF with CPiF – Get Your Groove on

Welcome to the weekend! These days that might not mean much for many of us but its still a good excuse to mix yourself a cocktail or pour yourself a glass of prosecco and have a dance party in your kitchen! Get your zoom crew ready and check out some local DJ’s, musicians, and incredible voices. As I write this I’ve got my headphones on and I can’t stop moving!

First up is Michelle Davis. Michelle is a long time member of CPiF and we have been working and collaborating with her for years. Not only is she a super groovy DJ but she is also music editor for The Florentine and a Florence music insider. We turned to Michelle for some recommendations and asked her what she’s listening to during lockdown; below is a great set of local DJ’s for you to enjoy including one her own sets which we are absolutely LOVING!

Francesca Gaza released her album Lilac for People on April 4th 2019. Francesca is a Singer-Songwriter who studied composition, production, and vocals at Siena Jazz University, Jazzcampus, and Berklee College of Music. Originally from Munich, she now lives between Florence and Basel. Her album is exactly what you would expect it to sound like from its cover; Soft, soothing, and ethereal. If you’re feeling quiet and reflective, this is the album for you. 

We first noticed Elaisa Mancini when she recently posted her tribute to Bill Withers in our Facebook group last week. The song is a cover of Ain’t no Sunshine that she has translated into Italian and is beautifully done. Since posting that lovely video, she has also uploaded a cover of La Vie En Rose which, is divine! Elaisa studied Graphic Design and Multimedia at LABA Firenze and started her studies on jazz with Sara Montagni in Firenze.

Pianist, singer and songwriter Craig Jaster is going to make you happy. Fun, warm, witty, jazz. Perfect with a glass of good wine on relaxing evening. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here. He also wrote this fun little jingle about Coronavirus based on Duke Ellington’s ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’. You can also find his work with The Buskers here on Spotify.

“His 2017 debut jazz album, Craig Jaster Trio, recorded with drummer Tim Gilmore and bassist Brendan Dowd, captures the seasoned trio’s energy, spontaneity, and nuanced interaction in nine original compositions ranging from driving blues to melodic instrumental poems. He is also a founding member of New England-based Americana band The Buskers, playing bass, accordion and percussion as well as keyboards, and producing their albums Ray’s Vacation (2004), Spank That Tambourine! (2009) and Every Day We Play A New Song (2013).”

You’re going to love Giulio Wilson’s voice. There is something familiar about it but original at the same time. His songs are fun and upbeat but also reflective and sometimes romantic. His instrumental talents span the piano, acoustic guitar, and the saxophone. Follow his YouTube channel for a full range of his work. His new album will drop later this year.

Here is another fun band for you to get up and move to. Our long time member Marco Della Vecchia is one of the horn players, trumpet to be exact, in Metrò, a live performance band that mixes jazz and funk with hints of The Blues Brothers and Ray Charles. Definitely dance worthy. I’ve always loved big bands with eclectic sounds and horn sections. Bravissimi!

Are you a music maker or maybe you enjoy live sessions? You can still participate in The Showcase Open Mic Firenze every Monday at 21:00 on Zoom! Its brought to you by Lucky Bar & Restaurant and Speakeasy Multilingual. Check out the facebook event page here to sign up and participate.

We hope this brings you a little fun and enjoyment while we’re hanging out at home no matter where you are!

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