Here at CPiF we have an amazing community of artists, designers, and creative people of all kinds! We want to share them with you and let the world know who they are.

From its inception, the main goal of Creative People in Florence has always been to promote collaboration and support independent contemporary artists, artisans, and designers in our historic city. In the midst of the current situation in Italy, now more than ever is the time to support small creative businesses. Below is a list of some of the best our city has to offer. Please be sure to follow their social media channels–it helps more than you know! Check back often as the list will continue to grow.

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  • Naomi Muirhead creates beautiful one of a kind jewelry in sterling silver using antique and vintage objects. 
  • Nokike is a fun, chic, colorful shop in the Oltrarno district of Florence. She creates unique pieces of jewelry and clothing.
  • Ink-P  – is a line of screen printed handmade unconventional clothes and wearable art pieces.
  • Frau Leman – gorgeous handmade artisanal leather accessories all crafted in her tiny bottega right off Piazza Santo Spirito.
  • Plasmare– Colorful illustrations, handbags and wallets made in eco-leather.
  • JHA Porcelain – Minimal, chic porcelain tableware and jewelry handcrafted in the hills of Fiesole overlooking Florence.
  • Jennifer Leo – Fun, colorful, contemporary cityscapes, Jen is a street artist who can often be found painting and selling her work in Piazza del Duomo.
  • Eva di Franco is a timeless wardrobe crafted in Florence using locally sourced high-quality materials.
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  • Jane Harman  –  All things wood! Hand-carved, cut and crafted. Jane makes all kinds of wonderful wooden objects for your home as well as unique, colorful jewelry.
  • Tiziana Alemanni creates, designs, and sews each garment by hand in her beautiful atelier right off of Piazza Pitti. You can find everything from haute couture, to ready-to-wear, to wedding gowns.
  • Sara Amrhein Bold, colorful statement jewelry made in polymer clay. Specializing in one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces that combine sculpture with jewelry design.
  • A Thousand Joys Unique handcrafted jewelry, inspired by historic ornaments, made using traditional techniques
  • New Kid Footwear  Distinctly made in Tuscany, New Kid captures a naïve, yet a wild sense of the world through unique footwear, clothing, and accessories.
  • Eleolab Handmade silk flowers, created using traditional techniques & antique tools. Eleolab produces custom, wearable accessories that uphold the value of traditional, hand-crafted masterpieces.2

While your purchase is always appreciated, some designers don’t have online shops, but you can still help in other ways.
Follow their Instagram accounts and Facebook pages. Like, comment and share their content  The more you comment, the more their content gets noticed–and its also a lot of fun making new creative friends! You can also get in touch and ask about how you can order their designs directly.

  • Rubina Barbieri is an illustrator and graphic designer who makes all types of loveliness using her designs. From ceramic plates to t-shirts to gorgeous little paintings.
  • M K Textile Atelier A beautiful textile studio based in an old greenhouse, MK creates bespoke fabric products for the home and garden, made using natural fibers and pigments.
  • Campucc10 is a Co-sharing art studio and gallery space with jewelry, sculpture, illustration, engraving, and many other lovely things
  • Officine Nora is a contemporary co-working jewelry studio in the artistic neighborhood of Santo Spirito. Creating unique pieces made by 6 different artists.
  • Hello, Wonderful is a gorgeous, welcoming boutique in the historical center. Handcrafted garments made from sustainable fabrics. Each piece is designed, cut, and sewn on-site. 
  • Il Torchio A Florentine bookbindery between tradition and design. Just when you think you’ve seen it all in terms of books, you find something new and unexpected. Unique and interesting materials are combined to create the most unusual books in town.
  • Federica Narducci – Illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer, her content is fun and colorful and is sure to make you smile!
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The heart of CPiF has alway been about collaboration and building community, so we are also listing some sites and blogs of some friends who are also doing an amazing job supporting and promoting our city.

Georgette over at Girl in Florence is not only our friend and one of the coolest people we know but she also (as you probably already know) has a pretty awesome blog about all things Florence.

Nardia Plumridge over at Lost in Florence has recently published her lovely book by the same title. It’s full of great tips and advice for visiting the artisans of our city.

CModo  – Christy has curated a wonderful selection of Made in Florence products for your home. Each piece unique and made right here in the workshops of Florence.

We are also incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of The Florentine over the years. They are a source of great information about the city and always do a great job of featuring the unique and hidden parts of Florence.

Coral Sisk over at Curious Appetite is so fun much to hang out with. She loves food and wine and she wants to share all of her knowledge with you. She organizes trips and tours in both Florence and San Fransisco.

Cassandra from Travel Italian Style is happiness personified. You can’t help but feel good when you’re with her. She creates personalized trips and tours throughout Italy and as an Italian American who traced her roots, she offers services to help you do the same.

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And of course, if you are not able to help through a direct purchase there are other ways you can help.

One is by sharing this post as much as possible throughout all of your social media channels. Another way is by following the social media channels of all the artists and designers above, like and comment on their posts as much as possible to help keep algorithms in their favor. You can also follow the Creative People in Florence Instagram page where a different artist from our community takes over our account each week to show us their work and give us a behind the scenes look at their process.

And finally, you can also make a small donation to our Association. This can be any amount that you feel comfortable with and all funds will be used to support our community and the contemporary arts in Florence. You can do that by becoming a patron on our newly created Patreon page or by clicking the PayPal button below.

Thank you all for your support and love of all things Florence and all things Italy! We hope to be back on our feet in no time, stronger and better than ever!


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