The Student Hotel Firenze

We often hear people say that Florence never changes, of course in some ways that’s true but in the many years since our relationship began we’ve seen a lot of new things happen in this historic city. One of the things that we at CPiF are most excited about is the growing international community. Year after year we are seeing how this community is taking the Renaissance city by storm and using their own ideas and creativity to help Florence to become a booming and relevant contemporary city while still holding onto its historic roots.


One of the newest arrivals on the scene is the  The Student Hotel.  Before its doors officially opened to the public on July 1st, CPiF was honored to have been invited to participate in their signature tradition known as Bed Talks where we had the opportunity to talk about how traditions and contemporary trends weave together to make our city unique.


At the core of The Student Hotel is the idea of collaboration and community the two concepts that have fueled Creative People in Florence since its very beginning stages back in 2012. What we love about this new space is that even though it’s a hotel and student housing it’s also a co-working and collaborative space where everyone is welcome. If you are passing though the city for a few days, or studying for a few months, you have the opportunity to meet and interact with the local community and maybe even get a chance to work with them in a real way. With slogans like ‘The Future is Bright’ and ‘May the Student in You Never Die’, we’re definitely excited about this new arrival.

We think TSH is a great space for CPiF members to get excited about too! Not only do they offer spaces for collaboration and co-working, but they also offer classrooms, presentation rooms and workshop space, game rooms, a gym, and of course a roof top pool! The possibilities are endless with so many ways to get creative. Just the environment alone gets the creative juices flowing!

In addition to all of this the ground floor is home to the new space known as OOO, which stands for Out of the Ordinary. Designed and realized by the team who brought us La Ménagère (one of the most beautiful locales in Florence), OOO is open to the pubic and consists of a restaurant, cocktail bar, smoothie bar, pizzeria, concept shop, bike shop, hair salon, DJ booth, and lots of space to hang out, meet up with friends, or just relax. We love this space so much that we decided to make it the location for our next Creative Aperitivo happening this Thursday, July 26th.  We’ll be hanging out in the courtyard with a little live music from a visiting acoustic artist We Speak in Colors, buckets of sidewalk chalk for you all to get your drawing on, and wine, beer and pizza**

The space also has some amazing work by street artists from all over the world. You can explore the space by taking a free tour with the lovely Michelle Davis at 18:30 or 19:00.* We start our festivities at 19:30 so there will be plenty of time before to get all the details on the space and see how you can get creative there! We hope you’ll come join us for a fun summer party!

Credits: Nicola Gronchi/INSO
‘Everybody Should Like Everybody’  The Party Happens Here, Everybody is invited! July 26th at 19:30

Untitled-1The Future is Bright is their catch phrase, and bright it is! TSH is planning to open two more locations in Florence by 2020. One will be located on Viale Belfiore and the other will be at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Piazza Puccini. We love seeing new life being brought back into these spaces.

*To reserve a tour please contact Michelle Davis at

**Aperitivo is €10 per person and includes wine or beer and three slices of pizza.

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