CPiF In Collaboration with OMG Florence

Jewelry-5As you already know Creative People in Florence loves a good collaboration especially when they involve kindred spirits who understand the importance of the contemporary arts in a historic city. Our friends over at OMG Florence do just that. Not only do they seek out, promote, and support the contemporary art and design communities, they truly immerse themselves and anyone who wants to be part of it in the here and now of Florence.

The concept behind OMG Florence is to seek out the city’s most compelling artists and designers who are currently working in new and innovative ways and bring you into their world for a day, a weekend, or even a week. Camilla, Dehlia, and Arianne all share a love of Florence and its past and know that for its history to truly survive that means connecting with the cities artists and designers in a real way.

“OMG Florence brings together professionals that work actively in the fashion industry, design and artisanal arts who want to share their knowledge and expertise with others interested in the Italian Fashion System, as in all forms of design and arts. Through OMG experiences we are able to create an international network of fashion and design lovers, professionals, students and institutions.”

OMG Florence knows that we as the general public don’t always realize the skill, time, and techniques involved in creating one of a kind works or handcrafted designs, not because of a lack of interest but rather because the opportunity to see how things are created is not made available to us often enough. These ladies show you a different side of Florentine craftsmanship, their goal is to allow you to experience that process, not just by watching an artist work but by putting their tools in your hands.

One of the many experiences that they organize are what they call #OMGDeepdives.

“Deep Dives are short workshops designed to stimulate, engage and go in-depth into a topic regarding fashion, design, artisanal arts or related fields. Participants experience the topic first hand through practical exercises following the guidance of a professional who will suggest potential applications for personal and professional enrichment.”

As one of the co-founders of CPiF I am honored to be given the opportunity to work with OMG Florence to develop a Polymer clay #OMGDeepDive. Polymer clay is my beloved jewelry making material that has amazing possibilities and is a ton of fun to work with. Its relatively new on the jewelry scene but is gaining momentum and tons of recognition in recent years. You can read more about it here.

On May 17th at Lofoio, another fantastic space in Florence that promotes contemporary art and design by opening up their lab to all types of workshops, I will be conducting a polymer clay flower making workshop. We hope that you will come and join us to learn about all its amazing possibilities.

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