Spotlight: Tinka (Martina) Lončar

Meet Tinka! A brilliant art historian and incredibly imaginative jewelry artist from Slovenia. I had the pleasure of meeting Tinka at a Creative People in Florence Studio visit, and yes, she in fact as lovely as her name suggests. As a fellow jewelry artist, Tinka and I became fast friends and had lots to talk about. A few days later she stopped in visit me in my studio and we were able to chat more about her work. It is filled with little surprises and is much more than meets the eye. Hidden inside each piece is a story, a memory or a reference. Charming and delicate, complex and beautiful, Tinka’s personality shines through her work. Here is what she had to say about it:

You can learn more about Tinka and her works here

“I started making jewellery when I lost one earring, a gift from a dear friend, so I made a new one.    I enjoyed making it so much that I’ve never stopped.

Every piece has its own story, in each work you will find that child, from my early years, when I was playing with beads. Very soon the usual materials did not fit my needs and I started to use objects from antique markets, from grandma’s attic or from my father’s tool box. As art historian I like to use the essential qualities of artistic styles to express myself and to underline my idea.

I understand jewellery as visual medium with a personal message. The meaning is fulfilled only when jewellery is being worn.

My passion is to find a form that combines concept, function and beauty. All my work is a result of personal experiences; the use of different materials and techniques enables me to create an interpretation with maximum luminosity.

About  the Collections:

Eyes: This collectinon was inspired by Antoine de Saint Exupery, Le Petit Prince(1943): ”The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart.”I used doll’s eyes, found on antique market, wallnut or haselnut shell, leather, enamel, nail polish.

Almost sculptures: At the beginning I used mainly wax to sculpt, step by step I prefer reaching the form directly out of metal. The pieces tend to be realistic and mainly all of them have strong symbolistic meaning.

Minimal , kinetic, egocentric… it is the other part of my work. I am striving to reach the pure essence of a jewell : a mechanism harmoy, motion, double face, pure lines, reflection of stones and simple but strong estetic statements.


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