Spotlight: Vincenzo Formisano

This week we are excited to introduce you to Enzo and Offic Lab, Officina Laboratorio Ceramica (via Nardo di Cione 6, near Piazza Beccaria).

Here is what Enzo has to say about about his work, his beautiful work space, and life in Florence….

I’m Italian born on the sunny side (Naples), and I moved to Florence 14 years ago. Now I’m a ceramist, specializing in Italian Renaissance painted pottery that we call majolica. I have my own atelier where I do my artwork, and I also give classes to a very uneven population ranging from foreign teenagers to lovely Italian grandmothers, including some international artists.

The project that I’m trying to realize, with the essential help of my partner Chris, is not to create a traditional school, but an open studio where everyone can express his own creativity with our technical assistance.

We like to think that our core business is not pottery but relationships, a cultural melting pot for people from all over the world that you can meet in Florence.

We take beautifully designed plates and jars and sculptures out of the kiln, but I received the best compliment when an Israeli art teacher told me: “this is not a place for painting, this is a place for healing”.

The web is a main resource for us, and the blog and the Facebook page are the only advertising we do, believing in a kind of serendipity that keeps creative people in touch.

The Creative People in Florence group is fueling our fantasy as we are imaging and hoping to plan jam sessions with other artists, playing music while others are working clay, taking photographs, and any other creative ideas you suggest to set up at the Offic Lab studio.

To learn more about Offic Lab, see more photos of Enzo and his students’ work, get info about working in the studio, and find out about upcoming events, check out their Facebook page and blog.  Also, look out for news about the upcoming Studio Visit on March 6!

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