Spotlight: Jessica Russo-Scherr

Jessica Russo Scherr (formerly Perry) is an American artist who has actively exhibited work internationally. Her artwork is about personal experiences and the relationship between people, environment and objects. It is a physical model for stages, emotions, and dilemmas in life, documenting progress and resistance. She uses nature, architecture, the human body, a portrait or a representation of herself, to give form to psychological states or emotional experiences. These images often focus on duality, protection, personal evolution, development, healing and growth and how it relates to different stages of life, memory and reflection. These stages are depicted in social and spiritual situations. She uses a variety of media to translate these concepts, including painting, drawing, photography, digital illustration and collage.  Jessica earned her BFA from Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, her Post BA teaching certification from Montclair State University and she attended the MFA program at William Paterson for 2 years and earned a 4.0 for her Masters of Arts in Art Education from Boston University. During 2007-2008.  Jessica was granted the Fulbright Award for Bratislava, Slovak Republic. This award afforded her the opportunity to teach in the oldest art school in Europe. She currently teaches art in Florence, Italy.

She is currently working on a series of commissions with a real estate development company in Panama. This is a series of works for an equestrian mountaintop development. The company is called The Alps of panama.

View her work at or on Facebook:  Jessica at Bluelavaart. Order Prints at

Stay tuned for information about the upcoming Studio Visit with Jessica on February 22.

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