An Update


buffalobeachI’ve brushed all my hair.

I’ve stared out the window.*


And still, nothing’s getting done.


It must be time to update the blog.

Since launching the Creative People in Florence blog in March we’ve gathered a lot of great feedback (thank you!), obsessively tracked our blog statistics, and thought a lot about how we can make the blog as useful as possible to all of us.

To go along with our shiny new look, we’ve streamlined the content a little bit. It’s all still there, but we’ve merged the Views section with the Spotlight. You can find all the past articles under the Archives menu.

We also have a new Upcoming Events calendar. You’re a busy bunch, and we want everyone to stay up-to-date. Tell us about your upcoming activity/event/project and we’ll add it to the calendar.

The foundation of Creative People in Florence is the collaboration between its members. The more you share what you’re up to, the better it works.

On that note join the member directory! Remember what I said about obsessively tracking the blog stats? People love browsing the directory. Get yourself in it a.s.a.p.!  Contact us.

Look for more updates and events soon!



*Thank you to Marisa for sharing this article.  We are indeed validated.


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