Our Featured Artists and Designers


Dutch artist Sonja de Graaf attended LABA Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. The broad gestural sweeps of color in her drawings celebrate youth, beauty, and energy.  De Graaf’s interest in fairy tales and literature is revealed through references to Lolita and Little Red Riding Hood, for example. The persistent theme of innocence lost is expressed through de Graaf’s use of porn stars, supermodels and actresses as models for her work.  Looking beyond their immediate facades of makeup, luxury clothes and fixed eroticism, Sonja de Graaf instead articulates their humanity, the heart of sensuality.


Jessica Russo Scherr, an artist who actively exhibits internationally. Her artwork is about personal experiences and the relationship between people, environment and objects. She uses nature, architecture, the human body, a portrait or a representation of herself, to give form to psychological states or emotional experiences. These images often focus on duality, protection, personal evolution, development, healing and growth and how it relates to different stages of life, memory and reflection.


Beatrice Mancini is an Italian photographer who works in both the professional and conceptual spheres in her field of interest.  Her bold images display a figurative focus that is often channeled through self-portraiture.  Find out more about Beatrice at her website.


Emmanuelle Lafage draws from her multicultural background to inspire her work. Her work reflects the variety of cultures she has been exposed to after growing up in a series of Asian countries.  Lafage’s wood and paper sculptures are both decorative and functional pieces for the home; they can be purchased on her Etsy site.