Fashion Photo Shoot Collaboration for Sara Amrhein Jewelry Design

Florence Fashion Photo Shoot:

Amazing group of professionals on all levels. This is what happens when 11 people get together with one goal in mind. From the initial meetings to discuss ideas, to creating story boards to shooting schedules, we all came together to make this happen. This is a team of creative people that I would work with again in a heartbeat. Everyone was great, had positive attitudes and were even willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to get the show on the road (literally)! We prepared the wardrobes the evening before, made it to the salon by 7:00 in the morning and hit the streets of Florence at 9:00, red wine and all. Yup, that’s right, a glass of Chianti for breakfast! Its always a good time for Chianti!

Collaborators:  Sara Amrhein (jewelry), Matthew Langthorne (photographer), Yawa Pr (photographer), Dorin Vasilescu (photographer), Anna Rose (model), Misty Evans (makeup), Jiseo Kim (styling, assistant), Melissa D’croz (assistant), Fernando and Filomena of Madam Beauty Hair dressing, Serena Scalella and Giulia Marziali of Garbage ‘En

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    • Hi Jay! We are always working on collabortations and new ideas for shoots! We will be sure to let you know thet next time we working on a project! In the mean time please feel free to browse the directory and take a look at the other members works. We hope that our members will plan and organzie collaborations with the resources available! Also, please fill out the contact for with all of your info and we will add you to the directory as well!

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