One of the central aims of Creative People in Florence is collaboration.  Who knows what will happen when creative people get talking?
Uno degli obiettivi più importanti di Creative People in Florence è la collaborazione.  Chissà cosa succederà quando inizieranno a parlare i creativi fra di loro?

Here are some images from recent member collaborations.  To see more about a specific collaboration, choose from the list below.
Ecco alcune immagini delle collaborazioni recenti dei nostri creativi.  

If you’re looking for a specific project, use the drop-down menu, or choose from this list:

Zerotarget Music Video Shoot
Jiseo Ad Campaign
Sara Amrhein Firenze AW2013
Sara Amrhein Firenze SS2014
Sara Amrhein Firenze SS2015
Cadia Romano Jewels: Italian Austerity
Hybrid : Ibrido at La Corte Arte Contemporanea
FunkyBird Tuscan Wedding Photoshoot
White Garage Exhibition
Inside Out: Contemporary Perspectives at Palazzo Belfiore

(Section under construction.  Check back soon for full galleries and more collaborations.)

Looking for collaborators for a project?  Find them in the directory (returning soon to the site!)

Want to tell us about a collaboration or add your project to this list?  Contact us.

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